主旨:本校《東吳外語學報》第51期徵稿 ,敬請惠予公告並鼓勵貴校相關系所師生踴躍賜稿,以光篇幅,請查照。

三、第51期論文徵稿截止日期因應本校學術交流週假期,特延至 110年4月8日下午五時。








一、「應用外語學報」現已登錄國際標準期刊號ISSN 1816- 6415,採公開徵稿方式,刊登英、日、德語語種之語言、 翻譯、文學、文化及教學等相關實務與研究之學術論文 ,歡迎海內外學者投稿。



主旨:東吳翻譯學報《譒》第二期徵稿 ,敬請惠予公告並鼓勵貴校相關系所師生踴躍賜稿,以光篇幅,請查照。


二、第二期學報預定於110年4月份出刊,徵稿截止日期為 110年1月4日下午五時。



National Taiwan University

Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation

Job Announcement

The Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation (GPTI) at National Taiwan University (NTU) announces one full-time faculty position.

I. General requirements: Except as otherwise specified, minimum requirements include a Ph.D. and a strong publication record in a relevant field. All full-time faculty members are required to teach courses in both the graduate and undergraduate Translation and Interpretation programs and are obliged to direct theses, mentor students, and serve on various university and program committees.

II. Openings:
Track 1— Chinese-English Translation:
Additional requirements:
l   Research expertise and teaching experience in translation
l   Proof of professional translation experience
l   A variety of specializations preferred

Track 2
— Chinese-English Interpreting:
Additional requirements:
l   Research expertise and teaching experience in interpreting
l   A minimum of 5 years of professional practice in Chinese-English/English-Chinese interpreting

III. Salary and Rank:
Commensurate with qualifications, initial salaries plus bonus range approximately from 955,530 NTD per annum for assistant professors to 1,352,227 NTD per annum for full professors with a regular teaching load (9 hours per week for assistant and associate professors, 8 for full professors). Other benefits include family health insurance, research grants and awards (on a competitive basis), and university housing (subject to availability).

IV. Application Materials:

1. A curriculum vitae (including list of publications)
2. A photocopy of Ph.D. diploma; those who have not received their Ph.D. degree at the time of application must provide a formal statement from the doctoral institution indicating that the degree will be obtained by the time of the appointment
3. Proof of past/current employment (if applicable)
4. Proof of relevant professional experience
5. Statement of research interests
6. Syllabi of courses taught
7. Official transcripts or academic reports from the highest academic institution
8. Two letters of recommendation
9. Publications (Ph.D. dissertation included) within the past 7 years

V. Application Deadline and General Information:

Appointment begins on August 1, 2021. All applicants must e-mail a completed application form to Ms. Vicky Li ( and send hard copies of the application materials by December 25, 2020 to:

No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 10617, Taiwan
Graduate Program in Translation and Interpretation
College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed. All information provided will be treated with strict confidentiality. National Taiwan University appointments are made on a non-discriminatory basis.

International applicants must comply with labor laws and meet immigration requirements. Other NTU regulations may apply. Please direct inquiries to Ms. Vicky Li ( This announcement and other information about GPTI are also available at

Contact Us
  • Address: No. 64, Sec. 2, ZhiNan Rd., Wenshan District, Taipei City 11605, Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Tel: (02)2939-3091 ext.62739
  • Fax: (02)29390459